Campervan Hire Australia Without Insurance

Is it possible to do a campervan hire in Australia without insurance? Picking insurance is never the most enjoyable part of planning a trip but it’s a necessary evil… or is it. Let’s take a look at the risks.

Go Naked – Campervan Hire Australia Without Insurance

So you rock up to the desk clutching your booking print out. You were secretly happy to be able to book everything online because you didn’t have to deal with anyone face to face. Yet at the desk getting the keys to your new van takes ages… and, of course, when your campervan key giver person notices you don’t have insurance they raise an eyebrow and point it out as if it must be some kind of mistake.

The problem with campervan insurance is that it is jaw droppingly expensive. One of the major plus points of a campervan holiday is that it is supposed to be cheap. Adding on huge insurance premiums can really jack the price up. In fact, it can add anything between 50 to 100% to a trip and you know, you just know, that 99% of the time you aren’t going to need it. So you could just go without…

…and this is the part where I’m supposed to warn you of the dangers and seriously insist on the importance of full insurance cover. Well, no. I think it’s pretty smart to go without. We’ve never actually paid for campervan hire insurance in over twenty hire trips worldwide. We get that it’s a risk but we save hundreds of dollars every trip. We’re at the point now that if anything did happen then we’d just write it off to karma.


Not to say that you shouldn’t get it. You might not be a confident driver. You might be wary of new roads in an exotic location. If so then put your mind at rest and get some. I think you’re in the minority though.

We did a short, very unscientific poll of our email list about campervan hire Australia without insurance, and found that only 50% of campervanners actually bought insurance when travelling.

What is the risk of hiring a campervan in Australia without insurance?

When you don’t take the insurance that your campervan rental people offer you then you’ll have to put down a huge bond. For the largest companies, Britz and Apollo, that can be between $5000 and $7000 dollars. Without insurance you’ll lose all of that. It’s a scary thought to think that one scratch could knock a huge whole in your finances. They take the deposit off when you pick up the van and only return it when the campervan has been returned safely.

You can get lower deposits. The companies serving the budget market (wicked, hippy, cheapa) have bonds of around $2000-3000.

If you pay for the daily rental insurance your bond is much lower. So even if you were happy to go without if you don’t have the spare funds on your credit card then you would need to take it out anyway.

Should we rent a campervan without insurance?

You are under no legal obligation to buy the insurance that the campervan company offers you so it’s really up to you. Going without cover is just one of the campervan insurance options open to you but it’s certainly the cheapest. Do be aware of the risks and if it all goes wrong make sure you can survive losing your bond.