Jucy Promo Code 2013

Here at campervanhq we are really, really tight. So in this spirit of meanness we have gathered together some of the jucy discount codes that are regularly thrown about the world wide web. Ten seconds effort and a ten percent discount is a nice little holiday bonus. We try and keep this page updated but you may find more recent jucy promo vouchers on the links.

Jucy Promo Code 2013 – General 10% discount for twitter followers

If you are booking online then the jucy promo code tw0413 will give you a 10% discount. They say this is only for their twitter followers so you should follow them on twitter as well however we have had unverified reports that the code works without this. This code changes regularly so if it doesn’t work check their twitter page for the latest version. Previous working versions have been tw0213

You can also get a 10% discount by liking the jucy facebook page.

So basically you should never make a booking with without using at least a 10% Jucy discount code. They are so easy to get… but can we get even more

Jucy Special Offers

Jucy special offers are usually listed on their website… well you’d think. We’ve found it can sometimes take a bit of digging and some of the best offers aren’t linked directly from the front page.

Here are the ones we have found recently:
100 Free Miles Per Night + Free Personal Kit

Jucy Relocation Deals

A relocation deal is when a campervan hire company need people to drive vans between locations. So if lots of people make one way trips from Sydney to Cairns then fly back a lot of vans will need to be transferred between Cairns and Sydney to balance things out. Jucy have a lot of deals for $1 a day rental but if you are willing to bargain you might even get a fuel + living allowance. It depends how much they want those campervans moved.

Check out the deals here for America or here for Australia.

Previous jucy promo code listings that should have expired but might still work (if they do let us know)

GOTTALOVE – 25% discount
Google – 10%